Pair of snakes spotted mating in Hippopotamus enclosure in Bokaro Zoo



Bokaro: A staff of Bokaro zoo who was feeding B-Complex to Hippopotamus to ov ercome its summer stress saw a pair of rat snakes coiling around each other at a corner inside the enclosure. Finding it a most fortunate moment to watch pair of snakes mating, he called other staff and authorities.

JawaharLal Nehru Biological Park also known as Bokaro Zoo was talk of the town for this incident on Thursday.

Visitors and staff thronged the enclosure to see the snakes. Majority of them took selfies and photos with

snakes wrapping around each other and raising their upper bodies in an attempt to affectionate each other.

Incharge of Bokaro Zoo, Gautam Chakraborty also took several photos of the snake mating. He said “mating

season of Rat Snake begins from winters and extends to start of the monsoon. It begins with breeding male

combats near water bodies. Combat is done by mutual winding of male bodies to make helix of posterior half

and raised forebody where they try to show dominance over each other.

After showing dominance and winning, the male performs mating ritual which is done in silent places away

Snake Paired in zoo

from human disturbance. Female lays upto 35 eggs in silent and dark places which are usually in caves, large

mounds, between rocks and wood piles. Egg guarding and incubation is done by female till hatching. The

period of incubation is around 60-80 days depending upon weather. Most of the new born seen during whole

of monsoon and starting of winters, said Chakraborty who also find himself lucky to watch it.