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BGH one of the biggest PSU’s hospital in state to give Cardio, Nephro, Radiology and non-core areas in private hands



Jharkhand: Bokaro General Hospital (BGH), a unit of Steel Authourity of India Limited (SAIL), is exploring possibilities to join hands with private hospitals or companies which are pioneer in healthcare sectors to provide better service and treatment to the patients. BGH is in process of outsourcing its various non-core activities and departments to upgrade into super-specialty level.

910-bedded multispecialty BGH is the biggest hospital of this region. It records footfall of about 5.9 lakhs outdoor patients and 35,500 admissions every year. With 150 doctors and 500 paramedic staff working, BGH still faces dearth of doctors and paramedics in many departments. The plinth area of existing five storied building of BGH is about 44,300 square meters, which is one of the largest in eastern India.

Manpower crisis specially doctors and specialists have virtually affected service quality and treatment of patients. In a bid to improve the situation and provide better facilities, BGH management led by director medical services, A K Singh is exploring to outsource non-core areas including Radiology, Radiotherapy, Lab services, housekeeping, bio-medical waste collection, security, CCTV, dietary service, pest control, etc.

BGH management is also intended to join hands with famed hospitals to develop Cathlab, Cardio-Vascular Thoracic Surgery Services and Dialysis and Nephrology Services in the hospital by providing infrastructure under built, own and operate (BOO) basis. “BGH is focused on to develop its Cardiology and Nephrology department seeing the rising number of patients. Recently a 20 bedded Medicine ICU was inaugrated,” a doctor said

As per the proposal, BGH will provide built-up space for installation of Cathlab, Cardiac ICU and Operation Theatre. A BGH officer said that “service provider is expected to ensure excellence in providing services. Effective service management system with standard protocols for operations and accurate and timely delivery of services in operation theatres, wards, health centres, outdoor patient departments is required”.

BGH is run by Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), a unit of SAIL. Apart from citizens, about 13,000 employees and officers working in BSL directly depends on BGH for treatment of disease and health problems. In absence of advance medical care, critical pateints are referred to higher medical centers out of state for treatment. This not only exhausts patients and their attendants but also put financial burden on them.

BGH management wants to reduce referral cases by upgrading its capacity. Chief of communication, Bokaro Steel Plant, Manikant Dhan said “an expression of interest has been floated inviting interested parties. BGH is intended to outsource various non-core activities besides some core activities of the hospital, preferably under one umbrella. The whole purpose is to provide better facilities to patients”.

BGH management had also invited doctors, surgeons and super-specialists to work in contract basis, but hardly get expected response. In past few years many doctors have retired in BGH while few of them have left getting better opportunities. No new doctors coming has grave crisis of doctors and specialist. Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Medicine, Psychiatry, Orthopaedic and Radiology are few of the departments in BGH which are deeply facing doctor’s crisis.

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