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For Policemen in Bokaro occupying house illegally is a matter of pride



Bokaro: If a common man illegally occupies property of others, it is an offence. But what if policeman illegally occupies other’s property? Policemen in Bokaro are illegally occupying quarters of Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL). The unlawful culture of illegally occupying vacant quarters of BSL by police staff and officers is flourishing from past a decade. Though everytime BSL conducts eviction drive, but cops again barged inside new quarters breaking locks hanging on doors.

Such policemen never realize that their act maligns image of police department. Estate Court, a quasi-judicial body of BSL, once again awarded eviction orders to 128 illegal occupants. Of them, maximum 64 are policemen. Most of the BSL quarters which are in illegal possession of policemen are in Sector-12 near Police Line.

Earlier BSL management with support of administration had evacuated illegally occupied quarters from policemen in the year 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Now again policemen are in the list of illegal occupants. It seems policemen felt pride in illegally occupying quarters. The situation has grown so sensitive that whenever any quarters get vacated by employees, BSL authorities’ fear of it getting illegally occupied by policemen.

Apparently policemen find occupying BSL quarter is an easiest way to get shelter in the town. Their confidence to commit such an unlawful act get boost when none of their bosses took any action against them. Few months ago, the Town and Administration department of BSL again conducted survey to identify the number of quarters illegally occupied in its different Sectors.

The report submitted by the team of BSL field services department shows there are 64 quarters illegally occupied by policemen besides retired employees and political parties. Cops in most of these quarters entered breaking the lock which was put by BSL. Chief of communication, BSL, Manikant Dhan said “we have requested district administration to support eviction drive which is to be commenced from December, 10. The quarters unlawfully occupied by police staff and officers are also been evacuated”.

BSL township have all total 37,473 quarters. Of it, about 500 are B type (mostly allotted to officials DGM and above rank), around 4000 are C types (allotted to officials in middle level hierarchy) while 7664 D type and 24,000 E types (allotted to non-executives). B Type quarters are big than the C type while D and E types have less rooms. Apart from above, BSL has 750 hostel rooms, said a BSL officer.

Of the above numbers of quarter, BSL has leased out about 5000 quarters and allotted 7500 quarters under licensed scheme to its retired employees. BSL has allotted many of its quarters to district administration including police department. Despite of it, Officers and staff in police department illegally occupy quarters, and that according to their grades. The present eviction list of BSL shows that police officers illegally occupied B, C and CD Types and junior staff are staying in D, EF and E Types.

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