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Panicky BJP prior to Godfather’s Arrival


Shishir Kumar

Ranchi: A state of unrest, fragile decisions and hopes is what state BJP headquarters offers to its visitors now-a-days. The occasion being the preparation of National President and the architect of the new BJP Amit Shah’s arrival.

The state team has evidently nothing good to offer to the party supremo. The talks in the party office points towards a major decision that may come post Shah’s visit.

While the latest issue of claimed ‘letter’ by the then state President and present Koderma MP Ravindra Rai cant be covered-up in haste, there is much more that needs to be clarified by the ruling party in the state in front of the supremo.

The letter that was brought to fore by Ex- CM and Jharkhand Vikas Morcha Supremo Babulal Marandi has details of the money offered to his MLA’s who left JVM and joined Raghubar Government in the state. The party has strongly condemned the letter and has claimed it to be fake. However, sources near to Marandi claims that the step was taken after a forensic verification of the sign. Which off-course means trouble for the ruling party.

Meanwhile, as most of the BJP workers might not even get a glimpse of Shah in this short visit, a team of tribal population are supposed to meet him. Interestingly, none of the intellectual or their own leaders shall be a part of this troupe.

The state as of now is seeing a strong resentment among the tribals. Even the top leaders in the state like Arjun Munda are openly condemning the government’s stand pointing its failures in tacking sensitive issues. This meeting of the team might bring a sigh of relief during the interrogation, hope against hope hopen.

Worse shall be the situation when clarification on the multimillion by-election loses shall be presented. The party, however, sees a ray of hopes in the municipal election. But a proper assessment shows that majority of it’s party workers who ran for wards and panchayats have not only lost the election but also have forfeited their deposit and bail rights.

Further, Shah’s wish to be the chief guest of the groundbreaking ceremony of the new State Headquater shall again remain unfulfilled in this trip as the party is unable to procure land for the same in the suburb in the state capital.

A passing remarks of a senior party leaders and state office bearer summed the situation well – “No doubt that the Raghubar Das led government is doing a great job in state, but what is the use of such development that leads us towards our loss in the upcoming 2019 elections”.

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