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Setting of Waste Management Plant in cleanest city of Jharkhand brought MLA & Mayor face to face


It is the first Solid Waste Management Plant to be set by government after initiative taken by Mayor, Bholu Paswan in Bokaro constituency.

Despite of several warnings given by Pollution Board, the steel major Bokaro Steel Plant has not taken any serious step to install Solid Waste Management facility in township.

Mayor is in favour of installation of Waste Plant, MLA, Bokaro, Biranchi Narayan is against it. This sparked off controversy.

Wastes found dumped in open ground in Bokaro and Chas Township polluting the environment.

Vaishnavi | Jharkhand

Bokaro: Installation of Solid Waste Management plant in Kala Pathar village of Chas Block has sparked off controversy here.

Mayor, Chas Municipal Corporation, Bholu Paswan, who have initiated to install Solid Waste Unit to ensure safe and scientific disposal of solid waste generated in towship, is facing opposition of villagers of Kala Pathar. 

From past two years Chas Township is tagged as cleanest city of Jharkhand under survey conducted by Swacch Bharat Mission, but it lacks effective waste disposal system.

MLA, Bokaro, Biranchi Narayan and Zila Parishad members have come in support of villagers who believe that installation of waste management unit will pollute environment of their village. It was in 2015, the state urban development department has allotted fund of Rs 10 crores for setting up the facility. CMC authorities have finalized to set up the plant on 10 acres of government land.

With almost three years passed off, the authorities fail to pacify the issue. In result, disposal of about 45 tones of wastes generated daily in Chas Township remains a concern. The CMC officials always remain searching for empty ground for disposal. Till yet the wastes were disposed in a ground aside National Highway-23 and in front of Collectorate Building. But these dumping grounds are packed with wastes and now search is on for other spot.

The proposed solidwaste management plant will have a capacity to handle 100 tonnes of solid waste. Besides it will be the most modern unit which will produce electricity, organic fertilizer for agriculture and other useful products. The administration is laying effort to calm down residents and begin installation of the plant, but failed facing stiff opposition of residents.

Villagers in Kala Pathar held a meeting and vowed to oppose installation of waste management plant in village.  Member of Zila Parishad, Anita Rajwar said that “at any cost we will not let the unit installed in village surroundings. We will not let environment and cleanliness of the village get spoiled”. Villagers of neighbourings villages have also come in their support.

Mayor said ” Chas has an effective system of door-to-door garbage collection. But it’s disposal is a matter of concern in lack of Solid Waste Management Plant. We have taken a positive step to install the facility, but facing opposition by villagers. The facility will not pollute environment of village. It is to be set up on government land”.

However Mayor said that its Narayan who is against development. Bokaro constituency comprising Chas and Bokaro Steel Township doesn’t have Solid Waste Management facility. Jharkhand State Pollution Board has raised concern over it. MLA instead of supporting installation of facility is opposing it.

MLA said that if villagers are disagreed over installation of unit than CMC should search for other option.

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