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What is the difference between girlfriends and wife?


Nowadays men give more importance to their girlfriends than their wives. The boy calls their girlfriend 50-55 times a day, say 100 times “ I love you”, but the wife rarely gets to hear this romantic word once or twice a whole day. From this small thing it becomes clear to a large extent that how men make a difference in girlfriends and wives

How do the difference between girlfriends and wives:

  • Many men think that the happiness that the wife cannot give, the happiness gives them their girlfriend. For example, if the boy loves to have fun with the girlfriends, but if the wife wants to do it then she is severely reprimanded.
  • Almost every boy wants his girlfriends to look the most hot and sexy. While wives love them straightforward
  • When girlfriends scold boys think she looks very cute. they feel that their girlfriend’s take care of them and love them very much. They also like girlfriend’s anger and clown.
  • If the girlfriends take first initiative on the bed, then the boys are very happy, if the same thing do by their wife, they are seen with suspicion. Men gives different imports to the girlfriends.

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